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Ojai California based designer, Daniel Fairbanks, brings his unique design sense to interiors with Desert Modern — a native collection of chandeliers, raw wood tables with custom wielded bases and a steady flow of desert inspired accessories.

A Target soft launch in winter of 2017.

Daniel’s extensive background in online design development and world travels, has given him a refined style that translates over into home interior. Daniel believes that each area of life should be completely intentional, “The food we eat, table we set at, living room we share stories with friends and family, each of these areas in your interior should be something that is deliberately thought out by design of your own personal style. That corning in your room needs a focal point, like a Fire Light Chandelier.”

All items are found and designed by Daniel, through endless weekends of garage sales or exploring in the Topa Topa mountains looking for the perfect interior item or gift. “I only give away what I love and would have in the my personal interior collection.”

Daniel currently resides in the small mountain village of Ojai, CA with his 8 children. Ojai is that special place that brings a new sense of belonging for family and constantly inspires creativity from the native outdoor elements.




The Native Chandeliers are made from Tumbleweeds found in the Topa Topa Mountains in the Ojai valley, California.  The tumbleweeds are sculpted with the center crafted out to make room for the protected light casing.

Each lamp comes with your choice of cord. Chose from the the following options:

A. Black or white cord
B. Natural twine hand-tied and a hot glued cord covering
C. Custom options for electric sockets

Please specify preference in your inquiry when ordering.

Also included is a 40Watt 110V Edison bulb, with a squirrel cage style filament. We strongly do not reconnect using any standard lightbulb that you can’t put your hand on after extended usage, as they produce an amount of heat that could pose a potential fire hazard.

As each lamp is custom made, please allow around 2 – 4 weeks for selection and creation.

Cultivate your Space
Illuminate your space in a corner of your office, living room or outside next to your pool.

Additional Specs

  • Made of natural tumbleweed
  • Chandelier measures approximately 2.5′ x 2.5′ x 2.5′
  • Cord measures 12′ in length
  • Vintage Edison bulb (included)


Everyones’ Big Question: Flammable?


I have had 1 of my Native Tumble Chandeliers in the corner of the house close to the fire place, and after having the light on with the timer for over 2 years, because  of it being inside of the protected cage, the vintage low 40 watt Edison bulb puts off virtually NO HEAT.  I can place my hand on the blub and can assure you there is no flammable heat coming from the Native Tumble Chandelier.  Also the best thing about these Vintage Edison bulbs; is they last way longer than any normal bulb.

The Native Chandelier in our house is on a timer, which activate 2 times a day for about 4-6 hours, so when I wake up early the mood of the house is BEYOND magical.  Then @ sunset, I recommend having the chandelier on so when you come home and walk back into your desert oasis , you are greeted with the glow of a spectacular desert ambiance.

Get some cactus’ in your house and add a @erictrinestudios plant stand to complete your perfect indoor desert environment.


+562-841-1850 / daniel@danielfairbanks.com